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Pozo Azul, Guarico 2002
Parmana, Guarico 2003
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Juice's Cherokee XJ

Looking backward...

History of My Cherokee

I started with a stock 2dr XJ. Added tinted windows, and seat covers. After nearly drowning my car on a trip to Guatopo Ntl. Park in Venezuela on a river crossing I got a Safari snorkel, and breather hosed the distributor. Soon, a Rusty's 3" lift kit for $245.00. My brothers, a friend and I installed the kit in my home over the weekend, not a difficult task. The kit included front full length coils (what length were they really?), rear full-length add-a-leafs, and four shocks.Also got me a t-case drop kit after a bit of driveline vibration. Then came some 31x10.5 BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tyres. The difference these made was just amazing. A bit later I added Rustys steering box reinforcement, in case the dreaded breakeage ever thought about setting in the box's base. December 2000 I added a rear bumper with tire carrier, double gas can mount, and a hi-lift mount. Right now, I have sitting in my garage Skyjackers 8" RockReady (very cheap lift kit), I look forward to installing it as soon as I get the time to take it to the shop. (already installed it)

My Background

I first became interested in the off road deal when I began scuba diving. Traveling in a corolla loaded with tanks for a whole weekend, plus gear, plus tent, plus food was not very easy. So I got myself a 1991 Isuzu Trooper (Caribe 442) in Venezuela. It came with a 2.6L front IFS, leather seats, a/c , power windows and locks. It was a very loyal car because at the time didnt vey much like it's boxy shape and attempted to take it to it's limits, but to my surprise these were quite high. In 1999 I got a Renegade Cherokee 2dr. stick shift, factory Dana 44's (reverse front), semi float rear. The more than capable engine has been taking me along anywhere I've wanted to and I've been loving the off road deal ever since.